Special Project Presentation Event for International Agents by Dia Centro


Dia Centro continues to stand out as one of Turkey's leading real estate projects. On November 15, a special event was organized to showcase the project, where international real estate agents were invited to discuss the details and features of the project. The event kicked off with presentations about the project, followed by a cocktail reception and networking.

This provided the agents with an opportunity to learn about the opportunities offered by Dia Centro firsthand and to gain insights into the housing sector in Turkey. Participants exchanged views on the current state of Turkey's real estate sector and the innovative approaches adopted in property marketing.

Additionally, the event marked the first time Dia Centro's show apartments were open for agents to experience live. This event reaffirmed Dia Centro's status as a project that attracts attention not just nationally, but also on an international scale. The special promotional event, which saw high interest from foreign agents, highlighted the success of the project and the potential within Turkey's real estate sector.

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