Car lottery results are announced!



47 individuals participated in the lottery organised by the approval from General Directorate of National Lottery on 19/03/2018 and with No. 24951361-255.01.02-E.2950. The WINNERS and SUBSTITUTES of the lottery on 15.09.2018 are listed below.



WINNER 12018 Red Volkswagen Polo46Yüksel Derelioğlu
SUBSTITUTE 12017 Black Volkswagen Polo15Havva Ardal
WINNER 12018 Red Volkswagen Polo45Pınar Demirel
SUBSTITUTE 12017 Black Volkswagen Polo4Ayfer Hoffman


To receive the prize, winners must apply to Dia Bella Project Sales Office Piri Reis Caddesi Dilşah Sokak No:2 Mimaroba Büyükçekmece İSTANBUL address or 444 0 461 phone number until 03.10.2018 and substitutes must apply to the same address and phone number until 18.10.2018. The final delivery date of the prices is 31.10.2018 and lottery objective date is 15.11.2018.

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