Dia Centro


A brand new life in New Topkapi.

Dia Centro's garden apartments offer a completely different privilege in the middle of the city. You can witness the rhythm of the city by decorating your own usage areas according to your style. 

A peaceful view will greet you every time you enter your home in Dia Centro, which has a specially landscaped interior garden. 

While the multi-purpose sports field will be the scene of competitive matches with your neighbors, children will enjoy fun moments in the adventure park. 

The ground floor shops overlooking the wide and busy streets offer many of the things you need right next to you. Dia Centro is your new meeting point for many activities such as coffee with your friends and shopping...

Project Web Site: www.diacentro.com

Project Features

  • Innovative and Modern Architecture
  • Smart Home System
  • Earthquake Resistant Building Design
  • Special Designed Landscaping
  • Social facilities (fitness, Turkish bath, sauna, etc.)
  • Multi-Purpose Sports Field
  • Adventure Park
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
  • Street Stores


Not close to the very center of Istanbul.

Dia Centro is located in Topkapi, the center of Istanbul, at a point where you can easily reach all your needs. Located close to the D100 highway, Dia Centro is 30 minutes from Istanbul Airport and only 10 minutes from Atatürk Airport. Everything you need such as hospitals, schools, shopping malls and business centers are right next to you...

Human-oriented design.

Every detail has been considered for a comfortable life in Dia Centro. You will be able to feel the comfort and quality in every square meter you use, from inside the apartments to the common areas, from social facilities to parking lots.

Functional designs, modern touches...

The latest technology and modern built-in appliances, floors with colors that warm your soul and more are waiting for you at Dia.Centro... We have designed your dream homes with high-level materials and workmanship, with apartment options suitable for different lifestyles from 1+1 to 4+1, where you can reflect your own style with useful space solutions.

Sample Flats

Floor Plans

Dia Centro's Modern Social Facility: The Epitome of Comfortable Living

The Dia Centro residential project is not just about providing a contemporary living space; it also stands out with its social facility that offers both luxury and comfort to its residents. Reflecting today's modern design ethos, this facility is brimming with amenities like an indoor swimming pool, children's play areas, and a play station room. For those who embrace an active lifestyle, there's a fitness center, table tennis, and changing rooms to rejuvenate both body and soul. And for those looking to unwind and relax, the cafe and vitamin bar await. Dia Centro promises an unparalleled living experience by merging comfort and entertainment in this exceptional social facility.

Modern Luxury at Every Step in Dia Centro

Dia Centro embodies luxury and modernity not just within its four walls, but in every corner of its design. The meticulously crafted common areas seamlessly merge functionality with aesthetics, making every moment of life feel special. From hallways to staircases, from building entrances to the tiniest details, Dia Centro ensures that its residents feel luxury with every step they take towards home. The comfort of your home begins at your doorstep, and at Dia Centro, this comfort has been thoughtfully curated down to the finest detail.

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